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The Real Solitary Gourmet : INADA @Gotokuji

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

ENTHUSIASTIC followers of Netflix's Solitary Gourmet must be keen to visit those restaurants where GORO INOGASHIRA enjoyed his meals. One of the questions you might have is if the interior or dishes were specially designed for the programme. From my experience of visiting a couple of them, that's not the case. The only differences I noticed were that they are so popular that it's normally hard to find a table and that chefs and staff there don't chat with customers as often as seen on TV.

INADA Seafood Restaurant at GOTOKUJI station on ODAKYU line appeared in Season 8. It's in a tiny shack exactly as it appeared on TV, where fewer than ten seats on the counter are quickly taken. Walls are occupied by black boards with handwritten menus, and it is doubtful that the chef actually remembers how to cook them all.

Unfortunately, those menus are only in Japanese, so if you'd like to order the same dishes as Goro did, you'd better remember "Buri no Teriyaki Teishoku" (Grilled Yellowtail in Teriyaki sauce, set meal) and "Cream Croquette" to feel as if you're on TV.

One more tip from me; Goro is a Big Eater. Be mindful of how much you can eat when placing an order. I ordered "Fried Shrimp & Cream Croquette, set meal," which was enough to fill me up on an empty stomach.

Cash Only.

Gotokuju-Temple, where lucky cats enshrined, is ten-minute walk from the restaurant. Worth visiting.

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