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Soulful Bowlful of Chicken Soup : KORAI SAMGYETANG @Shin-Okubo

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

THE main exit of SHIN-OKUBO Station on the Yamanote Line is always filled with young ladies. They meet up with friends here and head to the largest Korean town in Japan.

This town has long gone through ups and downs. When Korean dramas and K-POPs are popular on the TV, or Cheese Dak-galbi and Korean Hotdogs are featured on magazines' front pages, Korean shops & restaurants are packed with people, whereas the complicated international relationship between Japan and Korea sometimes cast dark shadows on this town as a whole.

Oblivious to the ebbs and flows on the streets, KORAI SAMGYETANG have been solely devoted to ONE DISH for ten years. Samgyetang or ginseng chicken soup is a popular meal in Korea in which a whole chicken is simmered with stuffed rice and ginseng or other Eastern herbs. As a specialty of this restaurant, thirty varieties of herbs are added in one bowl, which they say supports recovery from fatigue, strengthens the immune system and boosts your appetite. Whoever tries this VERY hot bowl will feel their system absorbing every ingredient.

There seems no English menu provided, but no worries. There's only three choices on the menu; Samgyetang and two types of pancakes. Don't hesitate to come in when you need to heal your body and warm your soul.

Turn Left at the corner of Mini Stop Store, Go Upstairs.

Cash Only.

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