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Properly Unique Fish'n Chips : MALINS FISH and CHIPS @Roppongi

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

ROPPONGI, the town where English is more common than Japanese, has many restaurants or bars which instantly take you to another world once you step in.

MALINS FISH and CHIPS is definitely one of these, which welcomes us in a very British way. A tall British guy greets us from a small kitchen, through which you can see a couple of guests gulping down chips on unstable high chairs, Union Jacks everywhere, and LONDON PRIDE.

At a glance, this small stall seem to have only Fish & Chips on the menu, as is normal in the UK, but it's not actually. On a blackboard is a selection of fish. Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Usubahagi or Filefish etc. which are unlikely for natives to be served as Fish & Chips.

I ordered Krodai Black Sea Bream, a popular fish in Japan but never found in the UK. Yes, it was tasty. I kind of expected it, because it has a rich flavour when baked, so why not fried?

I enjoyed them very much, and with a bottle of London Pride, I started to contemplate why British forks are so obsessively stick to Cod and Haddock. Because it's cheaper? They favour blandness? I decided to think about this in a British way. In other words, let's grab another LONDON PRIDE.

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