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Legendary Tea Parlor : GINZA WEST @Ginza

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

GINZA Streets have always been the showcase for modern culture in Japan. In 1947, only two years after WWII, an Western style Tea Parlor "GINZA WEST" opened its doors. Although this area was thoroughly redeveloped later with high scrapers everywhere, still the café remains original.

Once through a small door, the clock rewinds to the 40s.

Tableware, servers' uniforms, artwork on the walls... Everything is as it used to be.

Order 'beverage with cake', then a server comes to your table with a smile and a trayful of cakes to select from. Not necessarily luxurious, but so comfortable that you can’t help but stay long enough to forget time passing.

Take as long as you like and when you feel you’re ready, go back through the door to join the noisy Ginza town again. And try not to feel too disoriented.

Door to the Café on the left of the display. English on the menu.

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