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Enjoy Food and Horses all day @Tokyo Race Course

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Tens of thousands of people flock to the city of Fuchu every weekend to enjoy horse racing at Tokyo Race Course. Twelve races are scheduled per day starting at 10am until 4pm, while the main race starts around 3pm.

Visitors to the site are busy enough to check horse conditions on each race at the paddock, contemplate their betting options and put a wager on their favourites. For the many spectators who can't bear to miss even a minute of a race, this park serves the best quality fast food possible.

On the corner of the Paddock is a small shack selling 'G1' pancakes. The round shaped snack with sweet bean paste, in tribute to the biggest race ranked 'Grade One', is so handy that, when checking horses at the Paddock, you can grab it in one hand while the other is filling in the scratch sheet.

This stall is also favoured by those with a beer in hand looking for their nibbles. It serves beef intestine skewers in a selection of red meat or white. Every piece in the skewer is large & tender, which is definitely the ideal companion for the races.

Another choice is "TOMATSU" food stall, a fried chicken shop behind the spectators' stand. It's fun to grab a crispy chicken thigh and go out to the stand, then chew on it as you watch horses pass close by.

Inside the race track, the clock is ticking slowly. There's a large playground for families to enjoy. Moms and Dads relax by sitting down on a bench and watching their kids play. The betting station is nearby, so they can also enjoy their races.

Lunch is ready at "UMA-SOBA JINDAIJI", serving buckwheat soba noodles at reasonable prices. It's like a park vender without a seat, but families can sit on a bench, lie on the lawn or find a place to enjoy lunch.

It's up to you how to enjoy the day at the race course. Some skip lunch and devote themselves to betting, some bring a picnic blanket and a lunch box in front of the goal post.

How does lying on the lawn inside the track all day, then eating soba noodles or chicken sticks with pints of beer sound to you? Even though you can't instantly know which horse won (the finish line is behind the huge screen), it looks like the most elegant way to spend the whole day in this park.


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