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Direct to Tokyo : HANEDA ICHIBA @Tokyo

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

NEW shops & restaurants have been open since summer 2020 INSIDE TOKYO Station, aiming to make the station a destination for tourists in its own right. New concept conveyor belt sushi shop HANEDA ICHIBA is gaining the most popularity among them. As its name suggests, this restaurant has developed a system of transporting live fish by air to Haneda airport from around the nation, serving it to customers within the day. Adding to this, in collaboration with JR railways, they have taken advantage of abundant transportation resources like Shinkansen trains or long distance buses travelling to Tokyo station.

Tuna, yellowtail, horse mackerel and a variety of clams all caught or farmed domestically are on the menu, which you can order directly from a touchscreen. Salmon from Onagawa, Miyagi Pref is specially promoted as the product with ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified to prove sustainable production.

Not only adults are interested in the concept, kids are definitely having fun here. If you have a chance to visit with your family, take a table on the side row. Although there's no sushi chef on the row, a miniature Shinkansen train brings your sushi dishes to your table.

Before you leave, a staff comes and counts the number of dishes you have cleared. Then you finally realise you had too many.


How to make Green Tea: Sprinkle a bit of powdered tea leaves from the white bottle in a cup, Turn the black handle to pour hot water into it.

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