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Deep into Labyrinth : KAENZAN LANZHOU LAMIEN @Ikebukuro

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

IKEBUKURO West Gate, once known as the setting for a popular mystery novel, has an unique flavour

which is brought out by mixed cultures. One of the contributors is Chinese, mainly from the North West where Chinese shops & restaurants virtually occupy the streets.

KAENZAN LANZHOU LAMIEN is in the middle of the area, serving Chinese beef ramen popular in Lanzhou City along the Yellow River.

Going through the door, you're immediately surrounded by Chinese conversations between chef & staff & customers. Basically, all the people present except you.

Take a seat and order, then you'll soon be surprised by a smacking noise from the kitchen which tells you that your hand-pulled noodles are ready to boil.

Have your bowl on the table, you'll be mesmerised by clear but spicy soup and fresh noodles customised for you. It's best accompanied by lamb shish kebab, whose mysterious spice seems to expand how much you can eat.

From every source of exotic flavour, taste & sound, you're sure to be trapped in Chinese. How will you escape from this labyrinth?

English on the Menu. Japanese available, I'd say.

Accepts LinePay, PayPay

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