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Creamy Spicy Curry Udon : KONAYA @Sugamo

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

STEPPING out of SUGAMO Station, you find yourself on a unique shopping street in which shops selling elderly people's favourite clothes, like leg-warmers and lucky red underwear. This street is dubbed "Ginza for grandma," named after Ginza, Japan's most fashionable High Street.

In the centre is a temple where a famous jizo statue rests. People queue with towels to scrub its head, arms or body. By doing so, the corresponding parts of their bodies are released from pain, they believe.

After the rituals, you may be ready for lunch. Just through the gate behind the statue, there’s KONAYA curry udon restaurant. This is a traditional shop which opened 40 years ago at this place, and now has a clean and modern hall after recent renovation.

Curry Udon is not a simple dish, as might you suppose. It's not just pouring curry sauce on top of udon noodles, nor curry with udon noodles as a substitute for rice. You'll be impressed by every slurp of every noodle bringing a spicy kick as well as a silky note. In your small bowl, curry spice is mixed with boiled vegetables, fruits & meat, dashi soup is based on bonito & soy sauce and some milk is added.

People from every generation -grandparents, parents, children, young couples - are enjoying the curry udon. We feel grateful for the restaurant founder's endless efforts to develop the recipe, and the statue's holy power of keeping us healthy.

English on the menu with photos. Cash & Paypay only.

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