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Charging Guts Power : Aburi Shimizu @ Shimbashi

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Every morning, a flood of businesspeople stream out of SHIMBASHI station, hurrying to their offices. In the evening, they stagger back to this place, linking arms, singing, laughing, or whatever they want after partying at some izakayas.

One of the places they're happy to drop into is ABURI SHIMIZU, a specialty izakaya for 'motsu-yaki' & 'motsu-nabe', meaning guts grill & guts hotpot. This stall is so popular that it's hard to book a table, even after they expanded their branches around the station.

Eating beef or pork guts is a favourite with businesspeople after a hard day's work because it's believed to have a regenerative effect on the body. Their punchy flavour & taste is sharpened when cooked in soy sauce or salty broth, so it urges them to order another pint of beer or bottle of sake.

Even though they're dripping oil, grilled or boiled guts are, despite their appearance, characterised as healthy. The fluffy parts are not actually fat but an essential 'collagen' protein which keeps human skin moisturised. In addition, they are cooked with lots of cabbage and green onions. So they're a big favourite with ladies who want to keep their youthful beauty.

Eat, drink and laugh healthy. Everyone feels recharged enough to fight another day.

Cards Accepted. Drawings for popular dishes on the Menu.

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