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Cafe Under Railways : EGG BABY CAFE @Okachimachi

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

OKACHIMACHI Station is a gateway to Ameyoko street where foreign visitors flock to discount shops where you can buy everything from frozen tuna to semi-dodgy branded items. The area is well-known for cheap izakayas and thrift shops, yet its trend is changing rapidly.

Under the elevated bridge of the JR lines, where there were nothing but deserted warehouses, you can now find a range of stylish shops and restaurants. The one that stands out most is EGG BABY CAFE, the NY style spot sunlit from a glass front that reflects on concrete riveted walls.

As is seen from its name, this cafe specialises in eggy dishes. Egg bacon toast or Egg baby sandwich are the best choices for your weekend branch, and sweet favourite Egg baby puddings sell out fast.

Guests make themselves comfortable at spacious table arrangements, chatting over coffee or enjoying lunchtime sandwiches. This is the ideal refuge for those exhausted by the noise of trains, cars and passersby that echo in this town.

Egg baby pudding is on the menu after 10:00am. Cards Accepted.

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