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Café Renascence : KAYABA COFFEE @Nippori

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

NIPPORI, the most familiar station for foreigners as the gateway to Narita Airport, is also the pathway to Yanaka town, which has a special place in Tokyo residents’ hearts. Historical

buildings are preserved and revitalised as shops and museums.

Among them is KAYABA COFFEE, an iconic wood house built in 1916, which had been serving coffee since 1938. It was closed in 2006 after the owner's death, but the devotion of the customers moved the local community to reopen in 2010.

In its new incarnation, the house was given a total makeover, restoring modern designed walls and ceilings. However, the original furniture and tableware have been inherited from the first generation, as well as everyone's favourite "Egg Sandwich."

There was a long queue every morning, but I heard they started to take reservations. Worth trying. English & cute illustrates on the menu.

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