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Bowlful of Treasures : AN-MITSU MIHASHI @Ueno

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

UENO town, once developed by the temples built to honour Tokugawa Edo Generals, is now a place for concert halls & museums. Tokyo residents have been gathering every weekend to visit both and AN-MITSU MIHASHI sweets cafe has always been a perfect rest place for them.

Its signature dessert ‘an-mitsu’, which is included in its name, has been a special treat for Tokyo residents since it started in the 1940s. Shiratama Cream an-mitsu is the favourite among them, with rice cake dumplings and ice cream on top of an-mitsu.

So, what's an-mitsu? It's a dessert born in the 1930s here in Tokyo, which consists of several key ingredients. Let's look inside.

An: Azuki bean paste. Slow boiled & squeezed out.

Mitsu: Brown sugar syrup. Poured generously on an An. Kanten: Tengusa seaweed extract. Boiled & hardened, then cut into cubes. Gyuhi: Rice flour dough. Sugar added & kneaded. Mikan: sweetened orange. Endo beans: Boiled & steamed for two days. It seems odd to add ‘kanten’ in an-mitsu, as this is not sweet, nor has any particular taste in fact. But it's a must have item, especially in summer to give people the sensation of coolness.

Now you know how meticulously every small piece of an-mitsu is created and how essential each piece is to form a harmonious an-mitsu. Then it's time to dip a spoon into a bowlful of treasures!

Photos are on the menu or you can choose from the display. Cards Accepted.

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